Fashion Comes to Social VR as Sansar Launches User-Created Avatar Clothing Market

First-of-Its-Kind Integration with Marvelous Designer Adds Realistic Cloth Simulation

San Francisco
December 18, 2017

Sansar™, the world’s leading social VR platform, today announced the launch of a fashion market for user-created avatar clothing, opening new creative and entrepreneurial opportunities for users. In addition, Sansar has launched a first-of-its-kind integration with Marvelous Designer, the fashion design software by CLO Virtual Fashion Inc. used by numerous mainstream brands and independent designers. Fashions created with Marvelous Designer can now be exported directly to Sansar, where users can take advantage of realistic cloth simulation as they customize the fit and style on their avatars.

Virtual fashions enable Sansar users to further customize their avatars, bringing a new level of individuality and personality to the rich social interactions held among VR and PC users on the platform every day. For designers, Sansar’s fashion market also represents a significant new business opportunity. In the popular virtual world Second Life, avatar fashions account for a major portion of the $500 million (USD) user-to-user economy, and some designers have earned millions of dollars from their virtual fashion businesses.

“Our experience operating Second Life has shown how important and valuable user-created avatar fashions are, and with Sansar, we’re taking it to an exciting new level,” said Ebbe Altberg, CEO of Linden Lab. “Our integration with Marvelous Designer means that not only can you change what you wear, you can customize the fit and style to adjust how you wear it in Sansar. For example, you can roll up your sleeves, loosen your collar, and arrange your scarf just as you like it.”

“Innovative fashion companies, world-leading film and gaming studios, and creative hobbyists around the world are already using Marvelous Designer to create incredible virtual clothing designs,” said  Jaden Oh, CEO & CTO at CLO Virtual Fashion Inc. “Our integration with Sansar is the first of its kind, and it makes it easy for our users to sell their creations in this new market.”

For a limited time, an extended 60-day free trial of Marvelous Designer will be available exclusively to Sansar users. New Sansar users must redeem free trial offer within 90 days of account creation. Existing users can view their offer expiration date by logging into their Sansar accounts.

About Linden Lab

Founded in 1999, Linden Lab develops platforms that empowers people to create, share, and benefit from virtual experiences. In 2003, the company launched Second Life, the groundbreaking virtual world that millions of people around the globe have enjoyed. Now in its 15th year, Second Life boasts nearly two billion user creations and a vibrant $500 million (USD) user-to-user economy.

In 2013, Linden Lab expanded its product portfolio with Blocksworld, a lighthearted build-and-play system for kids and grownups alike.

In 2017, Linden opened a public beta for Sansar, a free platform that democratizes social VR, enabling everyone to easily create, share, and ultimately sell 3D experiences for consumers to enjoy on HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Windows PCs.

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About Marvelous Designer

Marvelous Designer is software from CLO Virtual Fashion Inc. that's widely used to create digital clothing in films and video games. Marvelous Designer can virtually replicate fabric textures and physical properties to the last button, fold, and accessory. For more info, please visit:

About CLO

CLO is a 3D fashion design tool used to visualize true-to-life 3D garments. CLO can be used to express a variety of design details for every type of garments from simple T-shirts to complex outerwear. CLO is headquartered in Seoul, with additional offices in Shanghai, New York and Munich. Additional information about CLO is available at